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Wild Lettuce
WILD LETTUCE (Lactuca virosa) aka - Opium Lettuce, Prickly Lettuce, Horse Thistle, Compass Plant

Wild Lettuce was considered an opium substitute into the 19th century. Once known as “the poor man’s opium,” it is also called compass plant because its leaves turn to follow the sun. Prickly Lettuce is bitter to people but horses delight in it. Wild Lettuce is effectively used against whooping cough and also brings relief to those suffering from bronchitis. Wild Lettuce increases urine flow and soothes sore, inflamed mucus membrane and chapped skin. It is used to induce sleep and treat severe nervous disorders. It exhibits a mild sedative effect, which relieves pain, insomnia, cramps, urinary tract infections, bronchitis, and general aches and pains of the body.

Wild Lettuce

  • Primary Uses: Here are just a few of the maladies Wild Lettuce can provide relief for: • Bronchitis • Cramps • Nervous Disorders • Chronic Pain • Whooping Cough • Spasms
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