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Tinnitus & Hearing Support Tea
This formula helps increase circulation to the brain, which may be beneficial for certain types of tinnitus and hearing problems.

Gotu Kola puts the body in balance; it gradually builds the nervous system and it is used to increase mental function and performance. Hawthorn contains many different constituents that work together to benefit the heart and body. It can reputedly strengthen the heart and arteries. Gingko Biloba is used to increase blood flow to the brain, and improve memory problems. An increase in oxygen supply to brain cells is vitally important because the brain is the body’s most sensitive organ to oxygen deprivation. Butcher’s Broom is very useful for the body’s circulatory system - it has been used to treat peripheral circulation problems and to lower cholesterol through its ability to strengthen blood vessel walls.

Tinnitus & Hearing Support Tea

  • Ingredients: Gotu Kola, Hawthorne Berries, Gingko, Butcher’s Broom, Cinnamon Powder, and Ginger Root. HERBAL INFUSION: Bring water to a boil and turn off heat. Add 1 tsp. herb per 1 cup of water. Let sit covered for 10 minutes before straining. Always shake condensation from the lid covering back into the tea. Add honey or lemon to taste. Enjoy hot or iced. ** Drink 3-4 cups daily
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