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Licorice Root-Cut

Licorice Root-Cut (Glycyrrhiza glabra). Glycyrrhizic acid is the main active element in licorice. It is 50 times sweeter than sugar cane, but will not increase the thirst. Actually, Licorice will alleviate thirst. Licorice root has anti-arthritic activity. Glycyrrhizinic acid provides the anti-inflammatory effects of Licorice related to a release of corticoids from the adrenals that can be helpful for people with arthritis. Glycyrrhizic acid helps to raise blood sugar levels to normal; licorice stimulates the production of interferon said to be the key to preventing and treating immune-response deficiency diseases. Licorice contains a natural hormone to replace cortisone. It assists in helping the body handle stress, allowing blood sugar levels to remain normal with a general feeling of well-being. Licorice also stimulates adrenal function without depleting them. It is recommended for soothing throats. NOTE: In very large doses, it induces sodium retention and potassium depletion and can lead to hypertension and edema.

Licorice Root-Cut

  • Primary Uses: Here are a few of the ailments Licorice can provide relief for: Adrenal Gland (exhaustion), Blood Cleanser, Circulation (poor), Colds and Coughs, Diabetes (Raises blood sugar),  Energy/Vitalit, Hyperglycemia, Lung Problems , Sore Throat and Vocal Cords.

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