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Horse Pigeon Fever Prevention
Mix with grain - suggested use is ¼ cup 2 times a day per horse. We mix with Apple Cider vinegar and Sesame Seed oil.
INGREDIENTS: Pau D’Arco, Chaparral, Burdock, Lymph Tea, Butcher’s Broom, Amalaki, Rosehips, & Garlic.

Paul D’Arco:  Adaptogen, alterative, analgesic, anti-fungal, anti-microbial, anti-neoplastic, anti-viral, astringent, & blood purifier.

CHAPARRAL: Chaparral tones the system, rebuilds tissues and is a very effective healer for the urethral tract, blood, liver and lymphatic system.
BURDOCK: A blood purifier, and detoxifier, it also promotes the flow of urine.
BUTCHER’S BROOM: Anti-inflammatory, diaphoretic, diuretic, lithotriptic, purgative (mild), and vasoconstrictor.
AMALAKI: High in Vitamin C, this anti-oxidant is a tonic for the blood, bones, liver, and heart. It also exhibits anti-inflammatory, anti-pyretic, digestive, and hepato-protective action.
ROSEHIPS:  Anti-septic, anti-spasmodic, astringent, blood purifier, nutritive, and stomachic.
LYMPH TEA: The lymphatic system includes the lymph nodes and their connecting vessels as well as the tonsils, spleen and appendix. The nodes filter out toxins, debris and pathogenic organisms that may be coursing through the lymphatic vessels. The lymphatic system works in tandem with the circulatory system and contributes to the healthy flow of fluid around the body. Lymphatic drainage can be slow and sluggish and lead to edema or swelling of the tissues.
GARLIC: Anti-bacterial, anti-septic, anti-spasmodic, carminative, nervine, stimulant, and stomachic, Garlic stimulates the lymph system to expel waste materials.

Horse Pigeon Fever Prevention

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