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Hawaiian Colada Rooibos
Based on our caffeine-free Rooibos, this fruity tea will set the tone for a highly relaxing afternoon. Brew a pot and note how the sweet profile of pineapple melts seamlessly into lingering hints of coconut – your mind will be literally filled with visions of the tropics. Fantastic when served over ice or piping hot, this is a tea worth singing about. From Honolulu with love!

Hawaiian Colada Rooibos

  • Cup Characteristics: Island coconut pleasures with hints of rum dryness. Sprinkling of pineapple and coconut pieces enhance a lingering sweet colada finish. Infusion: Reddish orange to full color (depends on brewing time and quantity used). Luxury Ingredients: Rooibos, pineapple & coconut pieces, and natural flavors.
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