Celtic Sea Salt – Fine
Harvested off the northwest coast of France, Celtic sea salt is gray in color and a little less salty-tasting than table salt or other sea salts.  The trace minerals and elements of the Celtic salt are associated with a range of health benefits, including better digestion and helping you to resist infections.  Unlike table salt, Celtic sea salt is not processed mechanically or treated chemically. Celtic sea salt is harvested by hand using wooden tools and then left out in the sun and air to allow the last of the moisture to evaporate. Because it is not processed and because no preservatives are added, Celtic sea salt contains 84 different live elements that are commonly found in sea water, according to the Pacific Health Center clinical nutritionist Monte Kline. Celtic sea salt contains magnesium, iron, manganese, zinc, iodine and potassium. It is these trace elements -- along with other naturally occurring ones -- that give Celtic sea salt its gray color.

Celtic Sea Salt – Fine



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