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Alpha Lipoic Acid


A type of anti-oxidant found in plant foods we commonly eat that scavenges free radicals, fights inflammation and slows the aging process. More importantly is its effectiveness in treating diabetes naturally. Studies have shown that ALA can enhance the body's ability to use its own insulin to lower blood sugar in people with Type 2 Diabetes. In addition, ALA can help reduce the symptoms of peripheral neuropathy, the nerve damage often caused by diabetes. Further research shows ALA very effective in treating glaucoma, migraine, stroke, and enhancing bone health. Some evidence shows that ALA also acts as a 'heavy metal chelator,' binding to metals (toxins) in the body, such as mercury, arsenic, iron and other free radicals that invade the bloodstream through impure water, air, chemical products and our food supply.

Alpha Lipoic Acid

  • Each capsule is 300 mg. Take one (1) twice daily, with a meal.


    Ingredients: ALA 300 mgs, Soybean oil, Gelatin, and Vegetable Glycerin. Contains 2% of:Ascorbyl Palmitate, Mixed Tocopherols, Silica, and Natural Caramel Color.

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