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YUCCA (Yucca baccata, Y. glauca) aka - Spanish Dagger, Soapweed

This plant has a rich history in the Southwest, primarily among the many American Indian tribes where Yucca was used for nearly everything, from making clothing to its varied medical applications. Yucca roots have a high content of saponins, natural substances similar to steroids such as cortisone. Yucca reduces inflammation in the joints and so is primarily used for arthritic and rheumatoid conditions. Testing further reveals it to be a hormonal material, a steroid. The adrenal hormone, cortisone is a steroid. Yucca has a definite action upon the intestinal bacteria, or intestinal flora, living within the human body, which actually helps with the digestion of food and prevents certain types of harmful bacteria from flourishing, causing disease if too many accumulate. Yucca’s roots also make an excellent shampoo and soap. When it is broken up/chopped up in water, it releases a natural lather and is an effective soap substitute.


  • Primary Uses: Here are just a few of maladies that Yucca can provide relief for: • Arthritis/Joint Pain • Blood Impurities • Bursitis • High Cholesterol • Rheumatism Pain
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