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Yellow Dock
YELLOW DOCK (Rumex crispus) aka - Curled Dock, Sour Dock, Garden Patience, Narrow Dock

Yellow Dock is an excellent blood cleanser, tonic and builder, working by increasing the ability of the liver and related organs to strain and purify the blood and lymph system. Yellow Dock has one of the highest iron contents in nature and is an effective tonic treatment for anemia during pregnancy and in general. It is used to treat skin diseases, liver disorders and iron deficiency. It will also nourish the spleen. Externally, Yellow Dock is applied to bleeding hemorrhoids and other wounds, and it tightens varicose veins. Yellow Dock strengthens and tones the entire system. It is very valuable for cleansing the blood, boils, ulcers, and wounds. Yellow dock is used for chronic skin diseases including psoriasis, herpes, various eruptions, eczema and acne.

Yellow Dock

  • Primary Uses: Here are just a few of maladies that Yellow Dock can provide relief for: • Anemia • Blood Impurities • Boils/Skin Diseases • Cancer • Eyelids (Ulcerated) • Hives/Itching Skin • Liver Congestion • Iron Deficiency • Rheumatism • Sores
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