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YARROW (Achillea millefolium) aka - Bloodwort, Thousand-Leaf, Milfoil (French), Milefolia (Spanish)

“Achillea,” Yarrow’s generic name dates back in folklore to Achilles in his battle for the Conquest of Troy. Achilles is said to have used Yarrow to bind the wounds of his soldiers, that’s one story; the other is that he used Yarrow to bind his injured heel. Yarrow is a good blood cleanser, helping to clean the blood of uric acid, thereby removing the cause of gout. Yarrow opens the pores of the skin permitting a greater discharge of internal poisons through the essentials of perspiration. Yarrow affects the body in two major ways; it works on the liver to produce bile, and builds up the blood and stops internal hemorrhaging. Yarrow is also effective against yeast infections. The tannin or tannic acid in the Yarrow flower is a powerful virus inhibitor. Yarrow usually breaks up a cold within 24 hours. It is good for fevers, flu, lung disorders, nosebleeds, and perspiration. Yarrow soothes nausea and helps to control fungus. PLEASE NOTE: Do not take if you are pregnant.


  • Primary Uses: Here are just a few of maladies that Yarrow can provide relief for: • Blood Impurities • Hemorrhaging in the Bowels • Colds/Fevers/Flu • Nausea • Fungus Disorders • Lung Hemorrhaging • Nose Bleeds • Perspiration Issues
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