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Self Heal (Xia Ku Cao)

(Prunella vulgaris) Clears liver and brightens the eyes - ascending liver fire with red, painful, swollen eyes, headache, and dizziness. Clears heat and dissipates nodules - neck lumps, scrofula, lipoma, goiter, swollen glands due to phlegm fire. Hypertension accompanied by liver fire or yang rising. Contraindications: Avoid in patients with stomach or spleen deficiency. Dosage: 9-15 grams

Self Heal (Xia Ku Cao)

  • Pharmaceutical name: Spika Prunella vulgaris Properties and Actions: Anti-hypertensive, tonifies liver, arteriosclerosis Properties: Acrid, Bitter, Cold Organ Meridians affected: Gallbladder, Liver
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