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White Willow Bark Powder

White Willow Bark Powder (Salix alba), contains the glucoside salicin, an effective painkiller. The bark of Willow contains salicin which is related to aspirin. The Salicin is excreted in the urine as salicylic acid and related compounds. This ability renders this tea useful for kidney; urethra and bladder irritability’s and acts as an analgesic to those tissues. Willow has an ageless reputation for reducing inflammation, and working as an astringent. With natural white willow bark, this valuable nerve sedative can have the same benefits of aspirin, without the side effects. Willow is used to reduce fevers; minor aches and pains of the body as it works on inflammation; is an excellent source of magnesium; helps to calm the nerves; and may be used for first-aid (wounds and abrasions).

White Willow Bark Powder

  • Primary Uses: Here are a few of the ailments White WIllow Bark Powder can provide relief for: • Eczema • Fevers • Headaches • Inflammation (joints) • Nervousness • UTI/Painful Urination • Rheumatism • Ulcerations • Wounds
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