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Tutti Fruiti Tea
Tutti Fruiti is formulated as a ‘kid’s tea.’ Herb and fruit teas are loaded with natural fruits that are very tasty and refreshing; there are significant amounts of Vitamin C and other essential nutrients in these dried fruits and they are caffeine- free so all we had to do was make a blend that was appealing to children’s taste buds. But both children and adults alike enjoy this tea - either hot or cold! 
A few tips: 
- DO NOT sugar these teas excessively; there are plenty of natural sugars in the fruits, which sweeten the brew when rehydrated. 
- DO make popsicles from the Kid’s Tea for your children to enjoy outside with their friends. 
- After dinner, they too can enjoy a warm beverage and you can enjoy a peaceful moment as a family.

Tutti Fruiti Tea

  • Cup Characteristics: A terrific tasting tea for kids. A candy-like caramel flavor oozes natural sweetness with berries for added depth and flavor. Rich in Vitamin C. Infusion: Tending pinkish. Luxury Ingredients: Hibiscus & rose & calendula & safflower petals, elderberry & rosehip & apple & orange & raisin pieces, and natural flavors.
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