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Tums Tea - Caffeine Free
This formula was created to ease the digestive tract and sooth any discomfort.

Chamomile destroys toxins in the liver and has healing properties. It is a nervine and sedative helpful for nervousness. It aids digestion by relaxing and calming the smooth muscle lining of the digestive tract. Marshmallow works as a natural fiber to regulate bowel activity and increase colonic flora. It is a demulcent; internally it has a soothing effect on inflammation and irritation. A delightful touch of Cinnamon infuses your body with warmth and energy. Used in tea blends, cinnamon improves the taste of less tasty herbs and adds powerful anti-bacterial power - it is reported to improve the digestion of fruit, milk and other dairy products. Dandelion is known for inducing the flow of bile from the liver. It is an excellent blood purifier. Skullcap treats inflamed tissues, digestion, coughs and headaches. Safflower is a bitter herb that helps digestion, improves colon function and helps with blood vascular cleansing. It is a digestive tract soother for heartburn, diverticulitis and ulcer lesions. Coriander, due to the rich aroma from its essential oils, helps with the proper secretion of enzymes and digestive juices in the stomach, thus stimulating digestion and peristaltic motion. Fennel relieves gas, colic, and cramps, as well as nourishing the system.

Tums Tea - Caffeine Free

  • Ingredients: Chamomile, Marshmallow Root, Chinese Cinnamon Bark, Dandelion Leaf, Dandelion Root, Skullcap, Safflower, Coriander, and Fennel. HERBAL DECOCTION: Place 1 ¼ cup of water in pan with 1½ tsp. roots, heat slowly and simmer covered for 10-15 minutes. The longer you simmer the herbs, the stronger the tea will be. Strain into a cup and serve.
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