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Tukdah-Nepal Black Tea
Every drop of Tukdah-Nepal Black tea is superb. For the full effect, begin with a pure white cup in order to fully appreciate the light, bright, golden liquor. Next, inhale the aromas and take note as your mind attempts to decipher wisps of sandalwood, the sweetish smell of a damp forest canopy and plum. On the tongue, the unmistakable muscatel character for which Darjeelings are praised washes over your taste buds and fills the mouth with a lingering nutty finish. A cup fit for the god of heaven himself!                                                                                                

Tukdah-Nepal Black Tea

  • Cup Characteristics: Bright, lively and full of flavor. Lovely, muscatel character with a hint of nuttiness, an excellent 1st flush Darjeeling. Infusion: Golden yellow. Luxury Ingredients: Black tea.
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