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Triphala Powder
TRIPHALA POWDER (Haritaki, Amalaki, Bibnitaki)Triphala is comprised of equal parts of three herbal fruits: Harada, Amla and Bihara. The first fruit is believed to promote digestion and treat acute and chronic constipation. The second is believed to increase gastric emptying and possess anti-microbial properties. The third is a source of protein, oils and linoleic acid, an omega-3 essential fatty acid. The principles of Ayurveda suggest that a healthy stomach leads to a healthier life. Conversely, ill-behavior and an unhealthy stomach bring severe diseases to a body. Thus, to remain fit and healthy, it is very necessary for a person to keep his stomach healthy and fit. To fulfill this necessity, Ayurveda has described various medicinal formulas. However, Triphala is one of the most amazing remedial mixtures. This herbal formula is immensely popular among its users and considered as an effective bowel cleanser. The herbal amalgam offers great support to the digestive system and helps ensure that digestion is completed at its best. It also ensures the optimal working of digestive tract.

Triphala Powder

  • Actions: • Improves digestion • Alleviates constipation • Tones the gastrointestinal tract • Cleans the bowels/Normalizes digestive system • Purifies the blood • Removes excess fats out of the body • Nurtures voice quality • Strengthens hair roots/Enriches hair color • Improves eyesight • It has various liver, blood cleansing and nutritional properties • It contains 'anthraquinones' that help in stimulating peristalsis • Rich in the powerful anti-oxidants( polyphenols), which reduce oxidative stress on the body • High amount of Vitamin C builds immunity • Maintains good reproductive health in both genders • Nourishes and strengthens the respiratory tract and the lungs. In order to get the optimum result, it is recommended that a person should take not more than 1½ teaspoon at night after 45 minutes of having dinner or just before the bedtime. As it is quite bitter in taste, it is suggested that it should be taken either with juice or lukewarm water. It can also be swallowed with honey. (
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