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Triphala Formula
Triphala is one of the most highly prized formulas in traditional Ayurvedic medicine. The name itself means ‘three fruits’ and is made by combining preparations of dried and powdered bibhitaki, haritaki and amalaki. Triphala is rare in its ability to cleanse and detoxify the human body while simultaneously strengthening and nourishing it. Working as a gentle laxative, it stimulates the peristaltic actions of the intestines to improve elimination while removing toxins. Triphala is proven to be a powerful liver cleanser and detoxifier, to improve gallbladder function and to rejuvenate and strengthen the kidneys.

Triphala Formula

  • Ingredients: Bibhitaki, Haritaki and Amalaki in veggie caps. Suggested Use: For maintenance; take 2 capsules before bedtime or as directed. Please email or call us for a consultation if any questions. If you are pregnant, nursing or under a doctor's care and taking pharmaceutical drugs, please consult with your doctor or Health Care Professional before use. Not recommended for children.
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