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Throat Soother Spray
Echinacea Root has antibiotic, anti-viral, and anti-inflammatory properties. The active compounds in Echinacea increase the ability of white blood cells to surround and destroy bacterial and viral invaders. It specifically strengthens the immune system against pathogenic infection by stimulating ‘phagocytosis.’  T-cell formation is among the most powerful and effective remedies against all kinds of bacterial and viral infections. Barberry soothes and works to heal sore throats when used as a gargle and/or mouthwash. Marshmallow is very soothing for any sore or inflamed part of the body. Osha root is, arguably, the best American herb for lung and throat problems. One of the most notable benefits of Osha root is its numbing effect, used to help soothe the irritated tissue of a sore throat.
Use as needed for relief of symptoms.
4 ounces

Throat Soother Spray

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