Shepard's Purse

Shepard's Purse (Capsella bursa-pastoris). Another name for shepherd’s purse comes from the plant’s heart-shaped seedpods, which resemble pointed shovels and thus the name “shovelweed.” However, the pods were more often compared to leather pouches shepherds used to carry their food in, thus the name shepherd’s purse. Shepherd’s Purse has astringent qualities and is an effective blood coagulant used to control bleeding. It is used for hemorrhages after childbirth, excessive menstruation, internal bleeding of the lungs, colon and hemorrhoids. It aids in constricting the blood vessels, therefore it is used to regulate blood pressure and the action of the heart in cases where there is either low or high pressure. It also works to control difficult urination, and bedwetting. NOTE: Be careful in using Shepherds Purse. It is an astringent, but can be used with great care for after-birth bleeding control.

Shepard's Purse

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  • Primary Uses: Here are a few of the ailments Shepherd’s Purse can provide relief for: • Bleeding • Blood Pressure (normalizes) • Bloody Urine • Ear Ailments • Hemorrhage • Menstruation (painful) • Postpartum Bleeding


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