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(Rhodiola rosea)

Sometimes called ‘golden root,’ ‘arctic root,’ or ‘rose root,’ Rhodiola grows at high elevations in the frigid areas of Europe and Asia. Rhodiola is a remarkable herb that has a wide and varied history of use. It is said to strengthen the nervous system, fight depression, enhance immunity, elevate the capacity for exercise, enhance memory, aid weight reduction, increase sexual function and improve energy levels. It has long been known as a potent adaptogen. Adaptogens increase the body's overall resistance and help normalize bodily functions. Rhodiola can help boost learning capacity, enhance memory, regulate menstrual periods, help with infertility, reduce chemotherapy side effects, enhance libido, improve thyroid function, expand endurance, and protect against environmental toxins.

Primary uses: Here are just a few of the maladies Rhodiola may provide relief for:

• Depression
• Immune Issues
• Memory Loss
• Energy/Vitality Loss
• Diminished Libido
• Menstrual Irregularity
• Thyroid Function


  • Rhodiola Root (Rhodiola rosea) Properties: Adaptogen, Anti-carcinogenic, Anti-oxidant
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