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Rehmannia Root

Rehmannia Root (Shensg Di Huang, Shu Di Huang). This herb lowers blood sugar, lowers blood pressure, and nourishes the essence. This herb is used to treat blood and yin deficiency and deficiency of the liver and kidneys with such symptoms as night sweats, nocturnal emissions, and wasting disorders. It is a blood tonic for such conditions as irregular menses, pale complexion, and dizziness. It is also used to treat lower back pain, weakness in the lower extremities, premature graying of the hair and general exhaustion. Contraindications: Rehmannia should be USED WITH CAUTION by those with weak digestion and spleen Qi. It should be avoided by those with stagnation of Qi or phlegm. Dose: 9-30 grams

Rehmannia Root

  • Pharmaceutical name: Rehmanniae glutinosae Properties and Actions: Blood tonic, yin nutritive tonic, cardiotonic, anti-hypertensive, diuretic, nutritive, demulcent Properties: Slightly warm, Sweet Organ Meridians affected: Heart, Liver, Kidneys
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