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Red Raspberry
RED RASPBERRY (Rubus idaeus) aka - Garden Raspberry

Where mothers and babies are concerned, red raspberry is an herb made in heaven. It can be taken throughout a pregnancy with good results. It builds tissue to the extent that it prevents tearing of the cervix during birth. During childbirth, hemorrhaging is prevented, and the contractions of the uterine muscles are regulated; red raspberry also reduces false labor pains prior to birth. For centuries, crude raspberry leaves have been used to help soothe morning sickness, and to ease many menstrual problems. Raspberry leaf tea increases and enriches milk for lactation. It is an excellent herb for children to use for clearing colds, slowing diarrhea, easing colic and fever. The leaves have also been used to cleanse cankerous conditions of the mucous membranes throughout the body.

Red Raspberry

  • Primary Uses: Here are just a few of the maladies that Red Raspberry can provide relief for: • After-Birth Pain • Bowel Problems/Diarrhea • Childbirth Pain • Colds/Fevers/Flu • Digestive Disorders/Gas • Lactation Issues • Menstrual Irregularities • Miscarriage • Morning Sickness • Mouth Sores • Nausea • Weak Uterus
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