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Red Clover Powder

Red Clover (Trifolium pretense). Medicinally, the elements of red clover contain one of the best mucus clearing sources in nature. Red Clover is an outstanding herb, when mixed with Chaparral and Dong Quai it is beneficial for all varieties of cancer anywhere in the body. Dr. Harry Hoxsey, N.D., who started the first cancer clinic in Mexico, used red clover in his treatments; it is the principal ingredient of the Hoxsey Cancer Formula. Red Clover is a highly nutritious plant that provides many vital nutrients, vitamins and minerals. Its anti-biotic qualities have shown efficacy against several bacteria, including tubercular bacilli. Red Clover is a tonic for nerves and nervous exhaustion. It will strengthen the systems of delicate children. It is beneficial in wasting diseases, especially rickets, spasmodic afflictions and whooping cough, weak chests, wheezing, bronchitis, lack of vitality and nervous energy.

Red Clover Powder

  • Primary Uses: Here are a few of the ailments Red Clover Powder can provide relief for: Cancer and Tumors, Bladder problems, Boils/Acne, Bronchitis, Leukemia and Blood Toxicity, Liver Congestion, Nervous Conditions and Psoriasis.

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