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Queen of Meadow Root

Queen of the Meadow (Eupatorium purpureum) aka "Gravel Root", was a remedy of choice among many Indian tribes. In honor of a New England Indian healer it was used it to induce profuse sweating and cured typhus. It is a soothing herb for the urinary mucous membranes; it is a diuretic herb with the ability to dissolve stones and sediment, to help dissolve the systemic inorganic crystalline deposits in gout, rheumatism and arthritis. It is used for many urinary tract problems, especially those of a chronic nature including gravel or stone like substances in the urine. It works on the kidneys, liver, bladder, prostate gland and uterus. It relaxes, stimulates, tones the pelvic viscera and mucous membranes. It influences chronic renal and cystic problems, where uric acid levels are high. As an anti-inflammatory, Queen of the Meadow encourages a reliable urine flow in cases where the urge is there, but the flow is not.

Queen of Meadow Root

  • Primary Uses: Here are a few of the ailments Queen of the Meadow can provide relief for: Bladder infections and Stones, Bursitis, Gallstones, Gout, Gravel, Kidney Infections, Neuralgia, Rheumatism and Ringworm.

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