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Purnarnava Root Powder
PUNARNAVA ROOT POWDER (Boerhaavia diffusa) aka - Spreading HogweedFound throughout India, Punarnava is a unique herb that helps maintain efficient kidney and urinary functions. It protects the kidneys, especially the nephrons, which are damaged by long-term diabetes. Punarnava is a well-known diuretic, anti-spasmodic and anti-inflammatory agent in urinary tract infections. The anti-edema action is beneficial for congestive heart failure. A mild and well tolerated medicine, it is anti-inflammatory, stomachic, laxative, myocardial stimulant, antibacterial and antiviral. It is useful in asthma, anemia, jaundice, ascites, anasarca, scanty urine, internal inflammation and as an antidote for snake venom. The root of this plant is a powerful rasayana. It pacifies Vata and Kapha. The roots have anti-convulsant, analgesic, laxative and expectorant properties. They also have hepatoprotective actions. Punarnava supports the quality of 6 of the 7 categories of bodily tissues, including nutrient plasma (Rasa Dhatu), blood (Rakta Dhatu), muscle (Mamsa Dhatu), fat (Meda Dhatu), bone marrow and nerves (Majja Dhatu) and reproductive fluids (Shukra Dhatu).

Purnarnava Root Powder

  • Actions: Alterative, blood tonic, rejuvanitive, diuretic Used for preventing: • Edema • Anemia • Difficult/Burning Urination • Kidney Stones • Heart Disease • Alcoholism • Hepatitis • Hemorrhoids Preparation and dose: Decoction; powder = 250-500mg
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