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Pleurisy  Root
PLEURISY ROOT (Asclepias tuberosa)  aka - Butterfly Weed, Wind Root, Colic Root, and Silkweed.
Pleurisy root was widely used by Native peoples before the Europeans arrived on this continent. It was used primarily for its special effects on the lungs hence, the name ‘Pleurisy.’ It is used in treating such conditions as pleurisy, painful breathing, inflammation of the pleural cavity, the common cold, flu, pneumonia, acute bronchitis and chest congestion with thick mucus and fevers accompanied by tight chest conditions. Pleurisy root stimulates expectoration and with an increased use of liquids, it subdues inflammation, allowing for some re-absorption of fluid from the lungs. It has a tonic effect on the whole system and is useful for calming spasms and relaxing the body.

Pleurisy Root

  • Ingredients: Pleurisy Root in 40% Grape Alcohol. Suggested use: 30-40 drops, 3-4 times daily or as directed.
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