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Plantain Leaf

The medicinal value of plantain is that it tonifies mucous membranes, reduces phlegm and is good for tropical healing. A characteristic of Plantain is that the outer layer of the seed contains mucilage that swells up when exposed to moisture, making the seed valuable in controlling cholesterol levels. When used as an appetite suppressant, it has been found that the cholesterol levels are lowered. Plantain is helpful for incontinence in children and the aged. Its astringent properties make it useful to stop bleeding and to promote the healing of wounds and injuries. It is an excellent poultice for wounds, burns and skin irritations. It absorbs toxins from the bowel, soothes inflamed tissues and promotes normal bowel function.

Plantain Leaf

  • Primary Uses:  Here are a few of the ailments Plantain Leaf can provide relief for: Bedwetting, Bladder Infections, Bleeding, Blood Poisoning, Burns, Cholesterol (reduces), Diarrhea, Hemorrhages (external), Kidneys and Neuralgia


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