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Peace & Serenity

The herbs in Peace and Serenity have been used traditionally to support the central nervous system. Eleuthero Root may assist in building immunity, and resisting the effects of life's stresses. Oatstraw, Skullcap, Passion Flower, Chamomile, and Valerian all work to calm frayed nerves, while Astragalus Root boosts immune response. This formula is used to ease and minimize the onset of an anxiety attack, insomnia and irritability. Wild Lettuce is a mild sedative that helps relieve pain, insomnia, cramps, coughs, and bronchitis.

Ingredients: Astragalus Root, Chamomile Flowers, Eleuthero Root, Oat Straw, Passion Flower, Skullcap Root, Valerian Root, Hops Flower, Lavender Flower, Ginger, and Wild Lettuce Leaf macerated in grape alcohol.

Peace & Serenity

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