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Peace of Mind - Caffeine free
This formula is wonderful for your heart and blood pressure!

Hibiscus is an anti-inflammatory, diuretic and blood purifier. Hawthorn can increase oxygen utilization by the heart, increases enzyme metabolism in the heart muscle, acts as a very mild dilator of coronary vessels and serves as a peripheral vasodilator. Oatstraw helps to reduce high blood pressure by reducing cholesterol levels, thus increasing circulation, its benefits being directed to the brain and body. Chamomile, although a stimulant, is one of the finest nervine herbs there is. It is invigorating and strengthening to the body. Linden flowers help promote perspiration to break fevers and are a gentle sedative to calm anxiety and insomnia. Passion Flower has been used primarily as a motor nerve depressant, to lower motor nerve activity. It can also be used for increasing the rate of respiration and produces a temporary reduction of blood pressure. Parsley can lower blood pressure and increase the depth of respiratory movement. It is also a mild and gentle diuretic, and as such, parsley helps reduce high blood pressure. White Willow White Willow Bark is the forerunner of aspirin, except that it does not cause the loss of blood through the stomach walls each time it is taken. It is estimated that up to two teaspoons of blood are lost each time an aspirin is taken. With White Willow, you have the benefits of aspirin, without the hemorrhaging. White Willow is also a nerve sedative, reduces fevers, works on inflammation, is an excellent herbal source of magnesium, helps calm the nerves, and is used for first-aid and minor aches and pains in the body. Motherwort is also an excellent heart tonic. It promotes blood circulation, helps ease arteriosclerosis, dissolves blood clots, soothes the symptoms of angina, and palpitations. Rose petals are a staple in Ayurvedic medicine to detoxify and calm.

Peace of Mind - Caffeine free

  • Ingredients: Hibiscus Flowers, Raspberry Rooibos, Lemon Balm, Hawthorn Leaf & Flower, Oat Straw, Chamomile, Hawthorn Berry, Linden Flowers, Passion Flower, Oat Heads, Parsley Leaf, White Willow, Motherwort, and Red Rose Petals. HERBAL INFUSION: Bring water to a boil and turn off heat. Add 1 tsp. herb per 1 cup of water. Let sit covered for 10 minutes before straining. Always shake condensation from the lid covering back into the tea. Add honey or lemon to taste. Enjoy hot or iced.
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