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Parsly Leaf
PARSLY LEAF (Petroselinum sativum) aka - Garden Parsley, Rock Parsley.

Parsley leaf is often recommended as a preventive herb so nutritious that it increases resistance to infections and disease. The roots and leaves are very good for all liver and spleen problems caused by jaundice and venereal diseases. It is effective in treating the kidneys by providing essential nutrients that help cleanse its blood-filtering functions. It helps protect and strengthen the urinary tract. It is a mild and gentle diuretic. As a diuretic, parsley can help water retention issues.

Parsly Leaf

  • Primary uses: Here are just a few of the maladies that Parsley Leaf can provide relief for: • Blood Impurities • Gallstones • Jaundice • Kidney Inflammation • Urine Retention
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