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Parsley Root

Parsley Root (Petroselinum sativum). It has been given credit for curing a great range of human ills, especially those having to do with kidneys and liver. One of its main medicinal uses is to provide a toxic kidney with essential nutrients that aid in its cleansing, so that it might pursue the necessary bodily function of filtering the blood. It is a healing balm to the urinary tract making difficult urination, easier. It has been shown to be a slow and gentle diuretic. There is information that shows that parsley, in comparison with citrus juices has three times more Vitamin C, gram for gram. It has been shown to have a higher content of iron than other leafy greens and is rich in potassium and other essential elements. Parsley roots are more potent acting than the leaves. Preparations made from parsley roots have their major influence on the liver and spleen. Parsley has also been used as a cancer preventative. Generous use of parsley can lower blood pressure and increase the depth of respiratory function. It also acts as a gentle laxative and increases the flow of urine.

Parsley Root

  • Primary Uses: Here are a few of the ailments Parsley Root can provide relief for: Adrenal Gland weakness, Bladder Infections, Blood Issues, Cancer, Dropsy, Edema, Gallstones, Halitosis and Kidney stones

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