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Orange Spice Black Tea - Blend
Orange Spice Black Tea is a very popular tea with a fragrant aroma accompanied by the light citrus taste of orange spice. This tangy and vibrant tea makes a warm morning energizer as well as a great afternoon pick-me-up. On ice it is a refreshing drink, with an exquisite combination of flavor and fragrance. This tea is definitely a special drink, which will restore and renew all your senses!

Orange Spice Black Tea - Blend

  • Cup Characteristics: The luscious character of new season Florida oranges and fresh cinnamon is captured in this tea. A truly tasty combination of Ceylon Tea scented with the natural oils of orange and cinnamon. Infusion: Tending bright with coppery notes. Luxury Ingredients: Black tea, cinnamon, orange pieces, lemon balm & lime leaves, and natural flavors.
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