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Orange Blossom Toner
Try our fabulous Orange Blossom Toner! Its beauty benefits include helping to refine pores and restore suppleness and vitality. Due to its mildly astringent properties, orange blossom water also refreshes oily skin and prevents blemishes from forming. It naturally soothes sensitive, irritated skin. Orange Blossom is rich in Vitamin A, Vitamin C and anti-oxidants. It balances the oiliness of the skin in a mild way, it’s also hydrating, firming, reduces redness and puffiness, helps circulation. This toner helps reduce acne and improves acne scars, and gently removes impurities and oil from the skin. Orange Blossom Toner not only cleans the skin but also treats it with all the goodness and vitamins directly from Mother Nature.

Ingredients:  Food grade distilled bitter orange blossom water.

Usage:  Apply to a cotton ball or cotton pad and gently dab on face.

Orange Blossom Toner

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