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Milk Made - Caffeine free
This formula was created to help with mother’s milk production for her baby and for the overall health of baby and mother.

Fennel relieves gas, colic, and cramps as well as nourishing the body. Fenugreek, a member of the legume family, packs a potent punch for women of all ages. Whether you’re worried about maintaining adequate milk production to nurse your new baby or are concerned about hot flashes during menopause, this herb can be a natural solution to your female health concerns. Red Raspberry, where mothers and babies are concerned, is an herb made in heaven. Red raspberry is rich in iron and calcium and contains phosphorus and manganese. It contains Vitamins A, B, C, D, E, F, and G. It can be taken throughout the pregnancy with good results. It builds tissue to prevent tearing of the cervix during birth. During childbirth, hemorrhaging is prevented, the contractions of the uterine muscles are regulated and it also reduces false labor pains prior to birth. For centuries, raw raspberry leaves have been used to minimize morning sickness, and ease many menstrual problems. Raspberry leaf tea increases and enriches milk for lactation. Blessed Thistle stimulates milk production in nursing, more so when combined with Red Raspberry. Blessed Thistle helps with cramps, painful menstruation, headaches, fevers and it balances female hormones. Hops have a sedative effect and serve to calm and soothe the nerves.

Milk Made - Caffeine free

  • Ingredients: Fennel Seed, Fenugreek Seed, Red Raspberry, Blessed Thistle, Ginger c/s and Hops. HERBAL INFUSION: Bring water to a boil and turn off heat. Add 1 tsp. herb per 1 cup of water. Let sit covered for 10 minutes before straining. Always shake condensation from the lid covering back into the tea. Add honey or lemon to taste. Enjoy hot or iced.

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