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Menses Balance
These herbs are reported to assist in normalizing estrogen and progesterone levels to balance irritability, painful menstruation or prolonged menstruation. For use by women nearing menopause or young girls going into puberty. Black Cohosh and Maca help the body produce and balance estrogen and progesterone. It strengthens the uterus, is calming, and relaxes the muscles. Blessed Thistle and Wild Yam help with cramps and hormonal balance.

Menses Balance

  • Ingredients: Maca, Blessed Thistle, Wild Yam, Dandelion Root, Eleuthero Root, Black Cohosh, Vitex (Chaste Tree Berry), Ginger Root in Veggie Caps. Suggested Use: For maintenance; take 2 capsules twice a day or as directed. Please email or call us for consultation if any questions. If you are pregnant, nursing or under a doctor's care and taking pharmaceutical drugs, please consult with your doctor or Health Care Professional before use. Not recommended for children.

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