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Men's Tea - Caffeine free
This formula was created to help men regain their vitality.

Damiana is known as a sexual rejuvenator for loss of vitality of the sexual organs. Damiana is recommended for increasing the sperm count in the male. Fo-Ti is believed to increase fertility, sexual vigor, and treat erectile disfunction (ED). Researchers believe this is due to Fo-ti’s proven ability to raise red blood cell counts and lower cholesterol levels that cause hypertension and cardiovascular disease. Cinnamon offers anti-clotting and anti-microbial benefits, boosts brain function and contributes to a healthy colon. It reportedly helps control blood sugar in people with diabetes. Licorice nourishes the pancreas, liver, adrenals, and the digestive system. Sassafras is considered a longevity tonic. Nettle increases the flow of urine, shrinks inflamed tissues, helps blood circulation and purifies the blood. Marshmallow is a demulcent; it has a soothing effect on inflammation and irritation of the alimentary canal and of the urinary and respiratory organs. Parsley helps provide a toxic kidney with essential nutrients that aid in its cleansing, so that it might better filter the blood. It is a healing balm to the urinary tract making difficult urination easier. Parsley exerts a major influence on the liver and spleen; it also acts as a gentle laxative and increases the flow of urine. Saw Palmetto berries historically have been used to treat several related disorders of the genito-urinary system, including inflammation, rupture and blockage. The berries act specifically on an enlarged prostate, reducing inflammation and pain.

Men's Tea - Caffeine free

  • Ingredients: Damiana, Fo-Ti, Cinnamon, Licorice, Sassafras, Nettle Leaf, Orange Peel, Marshmallow Root, Parsley Leaf, and Saw Palmetto. HERBAL INFUSION: Bring water to a boil and turn off heat. Add 1 tsp. herb per 1 cup of water. Let sit covered for 10 minutes before straining. Always shake condensation from the lid covering back into the tea. Add honey or lemon to taste. Enjoy hot or iced.
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