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Maqui Berries

Maqui Berries (Aristotelia chilensis) benefit all parts of the body but especially the circulatory system. Maqui berry plants are harvested and the berries carefully processed so that the acidity is retained; this is why the berry juice is tart as well as sweet. Polyphenols are another anti-oxidant present in the Maqui berry. These form a shield that protects against the enzymes that cause the out of control cell growth leading to cancer, along with anthocyanins, they are anti-oxidants that protect against degenerative diseases and help keep arteries clear of plaque, cholesterol and fat deposits, thus, circulation is not impeded by narrowed arteries. Healthy circulation prevents pore blockage and delivers moisture to the cells, encouraging the suppleness and elasticity needed to avoid wrinkles. The Maqui berry's de-toxifying agents help rid the body of harmful poisons and reduce wear and tear on the liver, which is the body’s filter. NOTE: Use of maqui berries and their juice improves the manufacturing of insulin within the body. This can be good for diabetics attempting to balance glucose levels soon after meals.

Maqui Berries

  • Primary Uses: Here are a few of the ailments Maqui Berries can provide relief for: Clogged Arteries (plaque buildup), Cholesterol, Diabetes, Wrinkles and High Cholesterol

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