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Madder Root

Madder Root (Rubia tinctoria). The root is used as a natural orange to red dye. With the help of mordant (usually alum) madder is suitable to dye both plant and animal based textiles. The alizarin and purpurin constitents in Madder Root create rich colors ranging from orange to bright red. Madder is also used to treat skin related conditions, using a decoction for rashes, boils eruption and edema. In Ayurveda Madder is used to clarified butter (ghee) to treat acne, freckles and reduce skin discoloration. When mixed with honey the herb gives the skin an even tone. It also reduces skin inflamation and provides smoothness.

Madder Root

  • Actions: Astringent, rejuvanitive, expectorant, laxative, anthelmintic, antiseptic, and lithotriptic. Used for preventing: • Sore throat • Cough/Bronchitis/Laryngitis • Catarrh • Stones • Dysentery • Chronic Diarrhea • Parasites • Eye disease
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