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Juniper Berry

Juniper Berry (Juniperus spp.,) has a long history of use as a diuretic. American Indians believed in juniper’s cleansing and healing powers and used it to keep away infection, relieve arthritis and treat various wounds and illnesses. Juniper in a formula is beneficial in helping dissolve kidney stones and prostate sediment, as well as in the treatment of water retention. Juniper is naturally high in usable insulin having a healing effect on the entire body where there is an insulin deficiency. As a poultice, juniper may be applied directly onto wounds to prevent infection. Internally, juniper, because of its blood cleansing properties, helps control infections. Caution: If kidney disease is suspected, Juniper Berries may over stimulate the kidneys and adrenals, so it should be AVOIDED. Marshmallow and Cornsilk are more soothing herbs that can be substituted. NOTE: AVOID during pregnancy, as it has a strong vaso-dilating, diuretic effect.

Juniper Berry

  • Primary Uses: Here are a few of the ailments Juniper Berry can provide relief for: Adrenal Glands, Bladder problems and Urinary problems, Diabetes/Hypoglycemia, Kidney infections and stones, Pancreas and Water Retention.

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