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J'Adore Mango
Crafting quality Oolong tea is an art form. As with the regional variance seen in fine wines like soil integrity, humidity levels, genus and artisanal skill all leave their imprint on the delicate leaf. Oolongs are grown in limited areas where the conditions are perfect and great care is taken to ensure the health of the surrounding environment. This stunning blend begins with a base of Fujian grown Oolong, selected for its leaf quality and rich, bright cup. This is then craft-blended with all natural mango flavoring to create a tea that is at once fresh, full-bodied, and brimming with mango flavor.

J'Adore Mango

  • Cup Characteristics: Remember the taste of a ripe yellow mango - the center of it?! Here you go - you found it! No wonder we call it J'Adore, (French for “I adore”)! Infusion: Bright and sparkling pale green with golden yellow highlights. Luxury Ingredients: Oolong tea, mango pieces, sunflower & calendula petals, natural flavors.
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