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Hops Flower Powder

Hops Flower (Humulus lupulus). A natural preservative, hops is used in the brewing of beer and contributes to its distinctive flavor and aroma. Another remedy has been to fill a muslin pillow with hops to help provide non drug-induced sleep since it is known to calm the nerves and prevent nightmares. An excellent nervine, hops is fast-acting and will produce sleep when insomnia is a problem. It has been recommended for jaundice; known to increase bile secretion; and helps tone the liver and gallbladder. Hops has a sedative effect and serves to calm and soothe the nerves thus, relieving muscle spasms. It also relieves pain and reduces fevers. A poultice of hops soothes inflammations, including boils, relieves the pain of facial neuralgias, sciatica and other rheumatic pains. Also helps reduce toothache pain.

Hops Flower Powder


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