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Honey Suckle Vine

Honey Suckle Vine (Jin Yin Hua) This herb has broad-spectrum anti-biotic properties and can be used for all infections and inflammations. It is especially effective when the infection is in the Upper Warmer (respiratory tract) but is also effective for some Middle Warmer gastrointestinal tract inflammations. It is useful for the onset of wind-heat diseases associated with fevers, the common cold, sore throat, and influenza. Contraindications: This herb SHOULD NOT BE USED by those with a weakness in the spleen/stomach system when there is cold or diarrhea. It should be used carefully when there are sores present due to Qi or yin deficiency. Dose: 6-15 grams; large doses (up to 60 grams) can be used effectively and safely in severe cases.

Honey Suckle Vine

  • Pharmaceutical name: Flos lonicerae japonicae Properties and Actions: Anti-inflammatory, anti-pyretic, anti-microbial Properties: Cold, Bitter, Sweet. Organ Meridians affected: Lung, Heart, Stomach, Large Intestine.
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