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Holy Basil Tulsi



Ayurvedic action: alleviates fevers, diaphoretic, benefits breathing,

alleviates coughing, enkindles the digestive fire, specific affinity for the

heart, alleviates skin disorders.Tulsi specifically increases prana and life force. It's special power is to be used in all fevers, regardless of their cause. It can also help to reduce weight, as well as reduce blood sugar, and total cholesterol levels. Tulsi is used as a mild nervine, and for heightening awareness and mental clarity. For the heart, it increases circulation.

Holy Basil Tulsi

  • Primary uses: Here are just a few of the maladies that Horsetail can provide relief for: • Kidney Stones/Infections • Tumors • Weak Brittle Nails • Parasites • Urination Problems • Menstrual Bleeding • Hair Loss
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