Gunpowder Black Tea
Black gunpowder is a style of black tea that has been tightly rolled into round pellets and has a grayish color. Normally, "gunpowder tea" refers to gunpowder green tea. The black type of tea is less common. Unlike its green cousin, it does not have a smoky aroma. The only thing that the two teas have in common is that they are mainly produced in China and both are rolled into a similar shape. Gunpowder tea comes from the province of Zhejiang in China and from Taiwan. Generally the better gunpowder’s come from Taiwan. When the tea is made, the tiny pellets jingle and tinkle in the bowl or cup. Boiling water causes them to open up like flowers and sink slowly to the bottom in graceful patterns, which add a dimension of visual pleasure to tea drinking. 

Gunpowder Black Tea



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