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Gout be Gone!
We have great success with this tea! The herbs in this tea help balance the body’s uric acid. 

In some folk’s minds, gout, a particularly painful type of arthritis, is associated with eras long gone, but in fact, it is a very modern disease. It is triggered when uric acid crystals build up in your joints, often in your toes. Gout can cause swelling, stiffness and a feeling of heat. Although high fat diets are associated with gout it is also caused by too much alcohol, stress or even genetics. According to the Centers for Disease Control and Prevention, gout affects men more than women.
Celery Seed and Leaf have been used as a natural treatment for gout because they have the ability to reduce inflammation and muscle spasms, as well as lower stress levels. Alfalfa is used for arthritis, a wide range of intestinal and skin disorders, liver problems, breath and body odor and even cancer.
Nettles neutralize uric acid, prevent its crystallization and encourage its elimination from the system, thus relieving gout and arthritis. Red Clover is a blood purifier - herbalists use this mild herb in cleansing programs. Safflower is used as part of a gout, arthritis, or kidney stone formula. The body uses it for the production of hydrochloric acid and to help eliminate uric and lactic acid deposits from the system. Shepherd’s Purse works to help remove catarrh from the urinary tract. Thyme is a powerful anti-septic and general body tonic with healing powers.

Gout be Gone!

  • Ingredients: Celery Leaf, Celery Seed, Alfalfa, Nettles, Red Clover, Safflower, Shepherd’s Purse, and Thyme. HERBAL INFUSION: Bring water to a boil and turn off heat. Add 1 tsp. herb per 1 cup of water. Let sit covered for 10 minutes before straining. Always shake condensation from the lid covering back into the tea. Add honey or lemon to taste. Enjoy hot or iced.
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