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Genmaicha Tea aka Popcorn Tea
This is a specialty Japanese-style green tea (usually a high grade Japanese Sencha) that is blended with fire-toasted rice. The fresh vegetative character of the green tea is imparted on the cup but it is tempered with the baked character of the rice. There is a natural sweetness and almost chewy character to the finish of this tea. During the firing of the rice, it is not uncommon for rice to ‘pop’ not unlike popcorn, hence the pet name ‘popcorn-tea.’

Genmaicha Tea aka Popcorn Tea

  • Cup Characteristics: Light, golden yellow liquor with a unique, toasty rice flavor tending sweet. A tea that creates memories. Infusion: Tending bright with toasted rice kernels. FYI: After the Fukushima nuclear accident we shifted the source of this tea to Japanese tea gardens in China. It was and continues to be the correct food safety precaution.
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