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Fo-Ti Root - chopped

Fo-Ti Root - chopped(He Shou Wu) Raw Fo-ti is used for: scrofula, sores, carbuncles, skin eruptions, pruritus, inflammations, constipation, and hyper-lipemia. Raw and cured Fo-Ti is distinct in each preparation, classic properties and uses. Raw Fo-Ti is simply the cleaned and dried root tuber whilst cured Fo-Ti has undergone a complex, prolonged cooking method with black soybean broth. Raw Fo-Ti is fifty times more toxic than cured Fo-Ti and has sturdy laxative properties. By contrast, cured Fo-Ti is fairly non-toxic and has tiny or no laxative effects as processing destroys most of the laxative ingredients but increases the immunostimulating elements. Cured Fo-Ti is regarded by the Chinese as one of the most important anti-aging herbs and is extensively utilized in tonic formulas. Contraindications: Some people who are sensitive to Fo-Ti may develop a skin rash. Very high doses may cause numbness in the arms or legs. (

Fo-Ti Root - chopped

  • Pharmaceutical name: Polygonum multiflorum (The Chinese name is He Shou Wu which roughly translates as “Mr. Wu's Hair Stays Black”) Properties and Actions: Raw Fo-Ti is a detoxicant, laxative, liver protectant, anti-oxidant, and anti-bacterial . Properties: Sweet, bitter, astringent and slightly warming. Organ Meridians affected: Liver and Kidneys
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