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FENNEL (Foeniculum vulgare) aka - Sweet Fennel.

Fennel helps with weight reduction by suppressing the appetite. It aids in stabilizing the nervous system and may be used as a sedative for small children. It is used to expel phlegm from the throat, eliminate toxins from the body, and purify the blood. It is known to fortify the immune system and to be good for the eyes. It also assists in digestion, improves night vision, relieves gas, expels worms, improves the quality of milk in nursing mothers, and cleans the bladder and liver.


  • Primary uses: Here are just a few of the maladies that Fennel can provide relief for: • Blood Toxicity • Abdominal Cramps • Colic • Gas/Gastric Disorders • Indigestion/Intestinal problems • Weight-related Conditions • Weak Eyes/Vision
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