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Elecampane Root

Ancient Romans used Elecampane Root (Inula helenium) as a cure for post banquet over-indulgence and indigestion. American Indians used it to treat bronchial and other lung ailments. Naturopath’s use it as an expectorant and tonic and to alleviate chest congestion. It controls excessive coughing and mucus discharge in bronchitis, respiratory tract inflammation, urinary, and menstrual problems. It can be used internally for intestinal worms and be applied externally for skin problems such as scabies and itches. It lessens tooth decay because it has been found to lower excessive sugar levels in the blood. Elecampane is the richest plant source of natural occurring insulin and provides other necessary nutrients to the pancreas to aid it in all its vital functions.

Elecampane Root

  • Primary Uses: Elecampane Root can provide relief for: Bronchitis (chronic), Respiratory Inflammation, Worms, Skin Issues, Insulin Resistance, Chronic Diarrhea.

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