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Digestive Aid
This formula is used to cleanse your digestive tract, eliminate toxins, gas, and help weight reduction by curbing the appetite and alleviating hunger pangs. Fennel, Anise, Dill Seeds and Caraway aid digestion and effectively help in the elimination of intestinal gas, reducing the passing of gas and belching. Fennel also helps in weight reduction by curbing the appetite. Fennel and Anise help rid the intestinal tract of mucus. Gentian strengthens the digestive organs, increasing circulation insuring that the abdominal organs receive a rich supply of blood. Cumin stimulates glands that secrete the acids, bile and enzymes responsible for complete digestion of food in the stomach and intestines. Licorice is used to help heal inflammation of the intestinal tract - it reportedly stimulates an increase of the cells that protect the lining of the gastrointestinal system. Cardamom Seeds help with digestion and increase metabolism.

Ingredients: Cumin Seeds, Coriander Seeds, Caraway Seeds, Fennel Seeds, Cardamom Seeds, Anise Seeds, Dill Seeds, Gentian Root, and Licorice Root macerated in grape alcohol.

Digestive Aid

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